The Future Of The X-men

The X-Men franchise has been around for a long time, with a whole lot of characters. Starting with a few mutants in the ’60s, it grew into a huge franchise with a wide variety of characters, billions of dollars, and a huge storyline. But for the uninitiated, it’s hard to keep track of what is going on and what’s coming up in the X-Men universe.

Ten years ago, the X-Men were arguably the best comic book superhero team ever created. When they first debuted in 1963, they were a bunch of edgy cussing, anti-heroes of the highest caliber. They were mutants who couldn’t be controlled by the government, which meant they were outcasts and outsiders. Since the introductory issue, the X-Men have gone through many iterations, with different writers and artists, a few different teams, and even different incarnations of the original team. But all of them seemed to have ended in the same place, in which the team had fought for the fate of mutantkind against the backdrop of a dystopian future.

The X-Men have been one of the most iconic comic book teams for decades and have had a huge impact on pop culture for decades. Their stories and characters have been featured in almost every major media franchise out there, from TV shows and movies to video games, action figures, and merchandise. From the original X-Men comics to the X-Men: Evolution TV show, to the X-men Arcade video game, to the X-Men: Evolution video game, and the X-Men: Legends card game, to the X-Men: Battle of the Atom mobile game and the X-Men vs. Street Fighter mobile game, and the X-men: Next Generation mobile games, to the X-men Legends: Dark Phoenix.

X-men have been around for almost 60 years, but that does not mean they have been without their share of twists and turns. Their history is filled with loss, heroism, and even a little bit of controversy. We don’t know what the future holds for the X-men franchise, but we do know that it will be interesting. If you have ever seen the X-men comic books or the X-men movies, you might have noticed that the X-men characters have some keen powers and abilities. However, one thing you might have noticed is that the X-men have never been in a modern setting. It’s been a long time since the X-men have been part of the Marvel Universe. With the recent news about the new X-men film featuring Wolverine and the X-men, we felt that now was the time to write about the future of the X-men.

What is the best to come in  X-men

In the upcoming X-Men: Apocalypse, the worlds of Marvel Comics and 20th Century Fox are coming together to answer a single question: What if Charles Xavier and his mutant school for the gifted were real? It is this time of year once again, and I have to say it is a real treat to look at all the action movies coming out in the next few months, especially considering how many of them are based on comic books. As the summer heat starts to kick in and the crowds start to swell at the cineplex, it’s time to start thinking about the big-budget blockbusters of the year. Was The Amazing Spider-Man 2 really worth the wait? What about X-Men: Days of Future Past? Has Hollywood finally got its groove back when it comes to comic book movies? 

A lot has changed in 20 years since X-men came into the picture. Since then, mutants have become more acceptable and almost common, and the world has been better for it. Though the latest X-men movie was a failure at the box office, it was widely believed that the franchise is still in a good place.

A few years ago, Marvel introduced a new team of teenage mutant superheroes in their X-Men series. It’s hard to imagine a less likely premier for a comic book, yet it became a sensation. The X-Men are mutants—humans with a molecular make-up that allows them to develop extraordinary abilities. Their abilities vary widely, though they typically include flight, super strength, or the ability to shape-shift. (All of which must be used wisely, as different powers have different limitations.)

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