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Gaming can take many forms and encompass a wide range of age groups. Consoles like PlayStation and Xbox, and even Nintendo Wii, Nintendo Switch are widely enjoyed by all age groups and can provide simple entertainment or a more competitive gaming experience. One of the other most popular forms of gaming is PC gaming, and some have even gone onto become professional e-sports players.

The World of Streaming

In this digital age, gaming and streaming alike have a massive following and successful streamers can even end up making a living from their hobby. If you’re looking to start streaming yourself, you can find information on what equipment you need to start your home streaming set up, the types of games streamers use, even down to a good WiFi router to ensure your gaming experience isn’t affected.

For the Comic Fenatics

Comics are a great source of entertainment, as well as being great to collect. Here, you can find my comic recommendations, facts about your favourite superheroes, and other comic-related content…

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